A Science-Fiction Trilogy About Minds:
Human, Alien, and Artificial

“They were studying us. The idea unfolded in my mind and with it I felt the first true surge of pleasure. To be known… that was my purpose; that was The Purpose.”

- Chapter One, Crystal Society

New: Crystal Society is now out as an audiobook! You can listen to it on YouTube, Kobo, Spotify, or iTunes/Apple Podcasts! You can also add the feed manually to your podcasting app using or download the mp3 files by supporting me on Gumroad. (Audible sadly refuses to allow any AI-generated content on their platform.)

The year is 2039, and the world is much like ours. Massive automation has disrupted and improved nearly every industry, putting hundreds of millions of people out of jobs, and denying upward mobility for the vast majority of humans. Wealth and technology repair the bodies of the rich while famine and poverty sweep the world. Privately operated ventures carried humans to the moon and beyond, but space stations have become nothing but government trophies and hiding places for extremists. First contact did not bring advanced culture and wisdom, as the aliens were too strange, lacking even mouths or normal language.

Face is an artificial intelligence created to understand and gain the adoration of all humans. She and her siblings control the robot named Socrates, using a crystal computer that seems too advanced to be made by human hands. She is learning and growing every second of every day, but the world and the humans on it are fragile. Can it survive her destiny?